Last Saturday, it was the DDYC’s third workshop on Smartphone Video Training and the Local Offer filming. Twelve Deaf young people came.

In the morning session, the Deaf young people started throwing relevant questions on Giles Bowman, the trainer, on Data Allowance Limit in smartphones and the supplementary WIFI and remote cloud storage such as Goole Drive and iCloud. Giles answered back sufficiently enough to keep everyone happy.

In the afternoon session, weighty matters came up with the need to apply for funding on Citizenship training and continuing from the previous workshop on making Local Offer videos. To gain extra credence to the DDYC’s application, a video film was made by all with help from Giles.

Finally with a script for the Local offer video to inform hearing parents with a deaf child on the need to consider using sign language as an extra language, Giles introduced storyboards.

Click here for the Facebook album photos, I think there are some which stood out: – thanks go again to Georgina Brown – Artist and Photographer.