Every deaf child’s well being matters to us and to you!

Have you just found out that your child has a hearing loss, or would you like more information directly from deaf people who have lived the deaf experience?

DEX is a deaf-led organisation that was set up to support deaf people who are being educated in mainstream education, or attended mainstream schools.

You can find out why we did this on other pages, but it is sufficient to say here that we feel that there is not enough support for deaf children in education or post-education, and want to change things.

DEX uses the English dictionary definition of the term “deaf” to mean “wholly or partially without hearing” to apply to all children who have a degree of hearing loss.

Deaf Experience welcomes everybody, whatever education experience you have, to support our campaign.

We have adopted ‘Deaf EXperience’ to show that we are inclusive of all, as we all share the deaf experience!