DEX is a deaf users’ organisation dedicated to the needs and quality of life for all deaf children in mainstream education and Deaf schools.  There are also hearing professional members who support our aims.

We believe we are the only deaf led organisation that:

  • supports all deaf children with all levels of deafness
  • fully understands the needs of deaf children in mainstream schools
  • is aware of the impact that mainstreaming has on the rest of deaf childrens’ lives

DEX’s fundamental role is to campaign for a national sign bilingual framework. This will provide a tool that will insure that all deaf children, regardless of level of hearing loss have access to their school curriculum in resourced mainstream school. This will enable dea to feel part of school culture, as well as giving them the opportunity to develop a positive identity.

Current Board Directors/Trustees:

Executive Board Members:

Jill Jones – Board Director

David Leach – Board Director

Brian Daltrey – Board Director

Steve Gibson – Board Director

Ian Randell – Board Director

Khalid Ashraf – Board Director

Georgina Brown – Treasurer/Board Director

Andrew Smith – Board Director

John Smith – Board Director

Falak Sher – DEX Deaf Youth Council rep Trustee

Aquib Karim – DEX Deaf Youth Council rep Trustee

The DEX Board now has Rotating Chairs at each Board meeting.


If you are interested in being involved, please Contact Us.