Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Deaf Mainstream Experience

Little is known about the effects of normalisation of deaf people in mainstream or oral/aural education, but this book alleges growing evidence that deaf people are struggling despite the best intentions of hearing professionals to integrate them. In this collection of individual, often moving, accounts from a diverse selection of deaf people who have been ‘mainstreamed’ or orally educated, there emerges a common desire that the messages presented will be used to influence the educational system to one that is sign-bilingual for all deaf children.

£8.95 Paperback

Deaf Toolkit: Best Value Review of Deaf Children in Education, from Users’ Perspective

This comprehensive and well presented report by the Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group provides for the first time in one source, a full account of deaf education with a review of current procedures involving deaf children, their parents and services. It concludes with recommendations and a framework for action.

£14.99 Paperback

The Deaf Toolkit Report is also available in two other formats:-
a) Deaf Toolkit CD Rom – large print version – £20.00
b) Deaf Toolkit DVD (Summary) – BSL/Subtitled – £15.00

My Deaf Story

A synopsis of the play:

The concept of the Deaf Community with its unique visual language and its Deaf culture is thought to have originated from Paris in France. The Abbé de L’Epée brought together French deaf people, gave them education and instilled a sense of community and identity. The deaf banquet in Act One reveals this.

Deaf communities grew all over the world in many countries with Deaf people taking pride in their sign language communities. However, a bombshell came in 1880 in Milan where all hearing teachers of the Deaf at a conference agreed on a resolution to ban sign languages in education and promote oralism. Deaf people and their education suffered. Act Two reflects this.

Act Three demonstrates the futility of the ban with two time periods of education in 1950 and the present time. The final scene celebrates the triumph of the return of British Sign Language.

£10 DVD


Handing on our Experience: Deaf participation with deaf young people and families

This report summarises a one year feasibility study DEX conducted to find out what deaf young people and parents of deaf children want from Deaf professionals. Some of the findings are that parents and deaf young people want much more information directly from informed deaf users about what it is like for their deaf child throughout childhood and adulthood, and would be willing to pay for training.

Deaf young people want to be with deaf peers and to receive information from deaf adults.
£3 Paperback.

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