Our September DDYC event had to be cancelled because of train strikes, so we’ve decided to hold a joint DDYH and DDYC event in October!
The event is Samba Drumming on Sunday 8th October at Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People. It’s on between 1-3pm and there will be buffet food. If you don’t want to drum, but you want to come and chat and chill out, there will be a separate room to go in to!
It’ll also be a good opportunity to meet Louise- our new Involvement Coordinator. She’s on the video with Zara: https://youtu.be/FH35f0Sj78E
Please text the number on the poster to book. The deadline is 29th September!
Poster for joint DDYH and DDYC event. Please see main body text for full information