The Labour Party recently produced a BSL video to commemorate the 15th anniversary of BSL week.

DEX contacted Jon Trickett, MP, Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office and Shadow Lord President of the Council, to complain about the quality of BSL used.

This is an edited reply from Jon:

“Thank you for getting in contact recently regarding the Facebook video.  I really appreciate you highlighting the video and the many concerns that have been raised by the BSL community.  I am sorry to hear that the video has been received so poorly and I am positive that the team who created it will be keen to receive your feedback. 

As you will probably know, these videos are usually produced by the national party with little input from local representatives. On receiving your email, I contacted the Labour Party to report the matter and ask what the best avenue would be for members of the BSL community to register their concerns. I was pleased to hear that the national team have already been made aware of the concerns and that this will have a bearing on future productions and projects focused on the BSL community.

The national party also suggested that if you have any future concerns or suggestions that you contact them by email at”