Hi everyone. We have created some information on the new COVID-19 lockdown. To see explanation in BSL scroll to the end of this post.
  • Whole of England in lockdown – government has told everyone to stay at home, and save lives
  • New type of coronavirus is highly infectious, spreading more quickly.
  • Hospitals full of very ill people, need to protect NHS by stopping spread of coronavirus
  • Schools and colleges closed until February 15th– but if your parents are key workers, for example, work for NHS, then can still go to school or college. Schools and colleges will provide online learning. GCSE’s and A-Levels cancelled in 2021. Government will explain more how students will be given their grades.
  • Nurseries are still open.
  • Must only leave home to work if it is not possible to work from home
  • Must only exercise once a day. Must stay local, don’t travel outside of your local area
  • One person can meet one person from different household outside to exercise. Remember to social distance, stay 2 metres apart.
  • Must only shop for basic things, for example, food. Other shops all closed. Hairdressers, gyms, pools, other leisure activities also all closed. Churches and mosques are open. *MISTAKE IN VIDEO- VIDEO SAYS CLOSED*
  • Do you live alone? You can make ‘support bubble’ with other household, and go inside each other houses. But only allowed one support bubble.