DDYC – DEX Deaf Youth Council

About DEXperience / DEX Deaf Youth Council

Our service is aimed at deaf children and deaf young people including those with additional needs, aged 0-25 years of age.

We work with Young Lives Wakefield, deaf organisations and Government agencies to facilitate the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) to provide information and support to parents, children and young people.

Recently we were awarded a £50,000 grant from Heritage Lottery Fund to encourage and empower deaf young people to discover their deaf identity and culture in a fun way.

Read about the Deaf Story Heritage Project

We hold workshops on first Saturdays of each month.  All deaf young people are welcome to come to the workshops.

For this year, DDYC are training deaf young people to use their smartphones in making British Sign Language videos.

DDYC recognises the powerful usage of smartphones for deaf young people in sending comments, compliments and complaints in British Sign Language to statutory authorities.



DEX and the Bradford Local Offer

 A local authority has agreed to post two videos made by the DEX Deaf Youth Council on its Local Offer page.Please take a look here: DEX on the Bradford Local Offer pageIf you would like your council to do this let us know.

Lottery funding for the DEX Deaf Is Me Project

DEX is please to announce that we have Lottery funding for the Deaf Is Me project.The Deaf Is Me project will start in September 2019.  This project is for the DEX Deaf Youth Council to continue its great work. They will continue to plan and manage...

DEX BBQ Day 18-30 Years

11-4pm 13th JulyThe Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People.I hope the weather would be nice for BBQ! Want to play a some games and have a lovely catch up with friend? You're welcome!!Only for 18 - 30 year old🍽🥤🍔🍕🍟

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12/10/2016 – DDYC My Deaf Story – Issue 2
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Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers’ Group (DEXperience)

We are an entirely deaf-led organisation that exists to raise awareness of the daily struggle that deaf children have in mainstream education.

Every deaf child’s wellbeing matters to us and to you!

DEX uses the English dictionary definition of the word “deaf” to mean “wholly or partially without hearing” to apply to all children who have hearing loss.

DEXperience welcomes everybody, whatever education experience you have. We have adopted ‘DEXperience’ to show that we are inclusive of all.

We are a deaf-led organisation that was set up to support deaf people who are being educated in mainstream education, or who attended mainstream schools. Deaf people who attended Deaf schools want to support this campaign too.