As part of the ASDAN Citizenship course, eleven DDYC members went over to Flamborough to visit the Living Seas Centre and to take part in a beach clean up. We are working on Module 2 Community and Volunteering.…/welcome-living-seas-centre-flambor…

At the centre, we all learnt much about marine litter. We discovered that only 15% of marine litter get washed up on beaches and we did some detective work on plastic stuff found from Flamborough beaches to find out where they came from. Apparently stuff from Germany, Holland, Greece and Russia amongst others were found. Further, we learnt that some kinds of plastic would take 450 years to dissolve.

After this, we spent two hours on a beach clean up and collected litter. You can see the litter from the photographs.

We ended the day by going to Bridlington for a walk on the promenade and we had delicious fish and chips there.