DEX identified this in 2004 as “always plan” which means always concentrating and trying to work out what is coming next when lip reading (or body language reading).

We also found out there is research into the much higher levels of cortisol (the chemical released when stressed) in deaf children, compared with hearing children. There is also research on hearing adults which showed that if they had a lot of stress and anxiety in childhood this could affect their mental and physical health in the long term.

So, it is high time that education services understood this and provide what DEX advocates, which is that children with all levels of hearing loss are always placed together with deaf resources in mainstream or deaf schools.

This from Deaf Umbrella:

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Have you ever heard of this? You might suffer and not even know!⁠

Listening or concentration fatigue is a little known concept and it does affect deaf children and adults, and people who have to concentrate hard for a long periods of time on signing, listening or lipreading. This can also affect interpreters or people who have to speak in a foreign language, like me! :)⁠

As you already know, I´m Spanish and I´m also CODA. My mother tongue is Spanish Sign Language (LSE). I have to admit that I really miss a lot communicating with my parents more often in sign language, but that is not all… ⁠

Since I moved here, I have had to learn a new language and every day is a is a new challenge to deal with; at my work as Digital Marketing Specialist at Deaf Umbrella, at the supermarket, a phone call, listening the radio, watching the teli… ⁠

My brain must first recognize and process the sounds and then decipher the meaning behind that sound, translating it in my head into my spoken language (Spanish – sometimes even into Spanish Sign Language!) and then I have to work on translating my reply to English. Pheww… Believe me, after a whole day experiencing immersion in another language you might end up completely exhausted! ⁠

Listening or concentration fatigue is something that it could be really hard for people to understand, and that´s the reason I would like to talk about it and how it affects to deaf people or people with hearing loss. ⁠⁠
For a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person the understanding process is not equal, as the brain has to compensate the lack of hearing and work harder to process the same information. Their brain becomes overstimulated causing stress and finally fatigue. ⁠

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