The Skype linkup with Helga Stevens, Deaf Member of the European Parliament, at Brussels went very well last Friday 15th June at Sheffield Hallam University. This initiative was part of the Deaf young people involvement in the ASDAN course on Citienship.

The DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) had an hour signing with Helga covering a range of issues such as her educational background, how and why she became a politician, Brexit, SNP, Nigel Farage and President Macron. Each Deaf young person had an opportunity to ask Helga a question. We learnt of a new name sign for President Macron from Helga – side burns.

We and Helga managed to communicate pretty well as she had been to Leeds twenty years ago to continue her Law studies and learnt BSL. We admired her efforts on doing the two handed fingerspelling and in adapting her signs.

We are grateful for Helga Stevens giving her time to sign to us all. The DDYC members went away inspired.