‘My Deaf Story Project –

Discovering our deaf culture, identity and heritage’

Report from Project Manager   Steve Gibson

I took over the project manager role from Sam Allen on 4th January 2016.  On the same day, I met up with Jill Jones and Sam.  At the meeting, Sam transferred all the paperwork and workload to me.  After Sam left, Jill and I went through what had been done and what was needed to do.

I am grateful to both Jill and Sam for their information and support, mainly the former.  I have to say that it has been a steep learning curve for me and it will take a while before I settle in and effectively manage the project.

To date, we have had the following workshops/visits:

16th January – Visit to Thackeray Museum, Leeds and a meeting with West Yorkshire Metro over the use of Travel pass for deaf people.

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