On Saturday 1st July, a great time was held by 12 DDYC members at the Get Cooking workshop in Leeds led by The Deaf Punk Chef, Scott Garthwaite. Big thanks to Zara Emery for setting the workshop off in contacting the chef and finding a suitable workshop centre.

Throughout the day, inspired by the Deaf Punk Chef, the DDYC members tried their hands on cooking Teriyaki Lamb Skewers with home-made chapatti. For the lamb dish, they had to blowtorch red/green peppers and it was certainly a new experience for them! Many of them did not found baking the chapatti easy and some had to throw their chapattis away after burning them on the frying pans!

At the end, they all ate what they cooked and they all were satisfied with their dishes!

To our eyes, it was very gratifying to have The Deaf Punk Chef on hand to inspire the deaf young people on their cooking skills in British Sign Language. It did make an enormous difference. DDYC believes in having Deaf role models.

Georgina Brown our resident photographers did wonders with her camera and took so many. It was very difficult to cut the number down as they all were so good. It was decided to post 72 photographs in two batches.

Facebook photos here