The Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group (DEX) tries to make accessible provision for families of deaf children, deaf young people and deaf adults, volunteers and contracted-in staff to the best of its ability as a small voluntary organisation.

All compliments are passed to the specified volunteer trustee or freelance contract worker and is greatly appreciated for the improved morale of the charity in enabling us to support the wellbeing of deaf children and young people who are also the future of the deaf community.

However, like any organisation, there are occasions where people feel they would like to make a formal complaint or to comment on our services.

  1. Users who wish to compliment, comment or complain about our services may either submit details using the Comments, Complaints and Compliments form below, write to, or email Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group.
  2. The time limit for making a complaint is three months from the date on which the incident concerned took place.
  3. Users who are unable to submit their complaint through the website or in writing should send a brief message to: 07850744398 (text only).
  4. All web complaints and compliments are recorded and sent to the Chair for response. DEX aims to respond within 10 working days of receipt and to try to resolve any issue through listening, problem solving and supporting where necessary.
  5. Complaints may be made which are malicious or vexatious, for example multiple complaints from the same person about the same or similar issues. In some circumstances DEX will be unable to respond any further (or at all) to such complaints.


Reviewed: 8.3.21 by Jill Jones, Chair


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Charity Number: 1114319

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