DEX has studied the issue of bilingualism in depth, and it believes that deaf children should be bilingual in English and BSL.

There is much research into the benefits for bilinguals, regardless of the languages they use, i.e. Urdu and English, or Welsh and English. DEX has worked closely with the Welsh Language Board on its campaign to promote the Welsh language in Wales, and is supported by the Board in our campaign.

Growing international body of research show the same overall metalinguistics results – that bilinguals are :

  • Freer from the limits of one single language
  • Have an good knowledge of two languages and cultures
  • Understand more about life
  • Have more empathy, as good communicators
  • Are problem solvers and flexible thinkers
  • Can learn more languages more easily
  • Have better employment and social opportunities.

As this is compelling evidence, it is clear that there is absolutely no reason why deaf children should not be bilingual, and maybe multilingual, i.e. in English, Welsh and BSL.