videostart Every deaf child’s wellbeing matters to us and to you!

Have you just found out that your child has a hearing loss, or would you like more information directly from deaf people who have lived the deaf experience?

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[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””] DEX is a deaf-led organisation that was set up simply to support deaf people who are being educated in mainstream education, or attended mainstream schools.

You can find out why we did this on other pages, but it is sufficient to say here that we feel that there is not enough support for deaf children in education, and want to change things.[/wpcol_1half_end]

DEX uses the English dictionary definition of the term “deaf” to mean “wholly or partially without hearing” to apply to all children who have a degree of hearing loss.

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DEXperience welcomes everybody, whatever education experience you have, to support our campaign. We have adopted ‘DEXperience’ to show that we are inclusive of all.

Obituary of Clare Squires 

Clare was the Administration Officer for DEX during its Best Value Review and subsequent work. She died on 15 August 2011, after a long battle with cancer. In typical manner, as she was always a private person, Clare wanted close family at her funeral on 19 August.

Clare was DEX’s mainstay, her calm and capable personality and level headedness were vital attributes in ensuring DEX’s challenging projects were so successful. She had to be the nicest person we know, with her warm humour, keen interest to learn and her genuine kindness. A newcomer to deaf issues, she had many questions, and agreed with DEX’s philosophies and aims, drawing on her past experience as a mainstream teacher.

Memories of Clare will always stay, as a lovely woman and a good friend to DEX, deaf children and the Deaf community. Our warmest thoughts go to Francis, Clare’s husband, and her family in their loss.


DEX’s service has been fantastic! For months I had been battling with the school and authorities on my own to get the correct support my child needs as a deaf child with additional needs. I really felt I had no support and was even starting to question my own convictions. As soon as i contacted DEX I had immediate intervention and promises to meet and attend meetings were never broken. I felt I had at last professional support and someone who completely understood my child’s case. The support was empowering and I know without it I would have a had more of battle in fighting for my child’s needs. A huge thank you! (Parent of deaf child).

DEX has just supported us through a difficult appeal in order to get the school placement we wanted, and helped us to win our case! We will always appreciate DEX’s input. (Parent of deaf child).

When I was being bullied, DEX came to my school and taught deaf and hearing children not to bully children in school. The bullies didn’t bother me after that. Also, my school had a box for children to put messages in if they were being bullied, and this was part of the policy. Thank you DEX. (Deaf young person).

DEX came to give a very powerful talk to us about the effects of mainstream education on deaf children – I had no idea that it was so difficult. It has made me realise, and think about how I will make sure they are included in future. (Trainee mainstream teacher).


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