DDYC – DEX Deaf Youth Council

About DEXperience / DEX Deaf Youth Council

Our service is aimed at deaf children and deaf young people including those with additional needs, aged 0-25 years of age.

We work with Young Lives Wakefield, deaf organisations and Government agencies to facilitate the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) to provide information and support to parents, children and young people.

Recently we were awarded a £50,000 grant from Heritage Lottery Fund to encourage and empower deaf young people to discover their deaf identity and culture in a fun way.

Read about the Deaf Story Heritage Project

We hold workshops on first Saturdays of each month.  All deaf young people are welcome to come to the workshops.

For this year, DDYC are training deaf young people to use their smartphones in making British Sign Language videos.

DDYC recognises the powerful usage of smartphones for deaf young people in sending comments, compliments and complaints in British Sign Language to statutory authorities.



DEX Deaf Youth Council Meet Jon Trickett, MP

Some DEX Deaf Youth Council members went to a local Constituency Labour Party meeting to learn more from Jon Trickett, MP and Shadow Cabinet member, after meeting him several weeks ago. He told the CLP meeting that DEX's lobbying and his support resulted...

The Aliko Lu YouTube Channel

Aliko Lu is one of the DDYC members and a Deaf vlogger. Here's what she has to say about her YouTube channel: "I'm vlogging about my real life and attend to events.  I'm profoundly deaf and use British Sign Language to communicate.  I'm also a makeup...

DEX visit Jon Trickett MP

Jon Trickett MP holds his surgery at the very smart Moorthorpe station which has its own cafe.  The door of his surgery gives a warm welcome to all his constituents. All the deaf young people were proud to stand by the door!

My Deaf Story Project Extended

Thanks again to the Heritage Lottery Fund which has agreed to extend our My Deaf Story project till next April. This means the DEX Deaf Youth Council can get involved in more Deaf cultural activities and more fun to...

Last My Deaf Story Project Workshop

Our last My Deaf Story project workshop 😥 was held yesterday with the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) - feedback on what was good, what was funny and what could have been better. We are really pleased to report that the whole group enjoyed the project, 😃 and...

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