Author: Steve Gibson

Jill Elected as a Director on the Board of the UK Council on Deafness (UKCoD)

The Chair of DEX (Jill Jones), was elected and is representing DEX and the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) at the UK Council on Deafness (UKCoD), as a Director on the Board. She has been a UKCoD trustee before. UKCoD is the Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness (APPGD), which DEX/DDYC is already a member of. The APPGD is looking into the status of BSL. Sorry about all the...

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Last My Deaf Story Project Workshop

Our last My Deaf Story project workshop 😥 was held yesterday with the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) – feedback on what was good, what was funny and what could have been better. We are really pleased to report that the whole group enjoyed the project, 😃 and many wished they could have had a longer stay at the residential activities centre! Like all good things, we have had to come to an end……. We are rolling out the next project this month – Young Deaf Citizenship and Participation – to support the DDYC with its members’ strengths, with more fun times...

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DEX Newsletter – DDYC My Deaf Story – Issue 3

  The drama ‘My Deaf Story’ written and performed by the DEX Deaf Youth Council – a great success Remember, remember the 19th November 2016! What an amazing performance from the DEX Deaf Youth Council and everyone who is involved in the play, from actors themselves, to the Treasurer and DEX Board and Steve Gibson Project Manager, wardrobe assistant, and Frank Essery Director and Mickey Fellowes Producer, John Smith, Charlie Swinbourne, John Hay of the British Deaf History Society, Wayne Richards, Terry Harton….with the Heritage Lottery and Young Lives’s support it is a long list of incredible people who are...

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