Every deaf child’s wellbeing matters to us and to you!

DEX uses the English dictionary definition of the word “deaf” to mean “wholly or partially without hearing” to apply to all children who have hearing loss.

DEXperience welcomes everybody, whatever education experience you have. We have adopted ‘DEXperience’ to show that we are inclusive of all.

We are a deaf-led organisation that was set up to support deaf people who are being educated in mainstream education, or who attended mainstream schools. Deaf people who attended Deaf schools want to support this campaign too.

Here’s the BSL welcome to the DEX website!

DEX Deaf Youth Council Meet Jon Trickett, MP

Some DEX Deaf Youth Council members went to a local Constituency Labour Party meeting to learn more from Jon Trickett, MP and Shadow Cabinet member, after meeting him several weeks ago. He told the CLP meeting that DEX's lobbying and his support resulted...

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DEX Response to Guardian Article

OUR LETTER IN RESPONSE TO THIS ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED 10th January IN THE GUARDIAN: "Your article - Educational support for deaf children “in disarray” 8 January 2018 - reflects the emphasis on the shortage of teachers of deaf children in the 2017 survey in...

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The Aliko Lu YouTube Channel

Aliko Lu is one of the DDYC members and a Deaf vlogger. Here's what she has to say about her YouTube channel: "I'm vlogging about my real life and attend to events.  I'm profoundly deaf and use British Sign Language to communicate.  I'm also a makeup...

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DEX visit Jon Trickett MP

Jon Trickett MP holds his surgery at the very smart Moorthorpe station which has its own cafe.  The door of his surgery gives a warm welcome to all his constituents. All the deaf young people were proud to stand by the door!

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